Sylvain Cathala

By Anna Iris Michel, 2008



Created in 1996 by Sylvain Cathala around its compositions, PRINT proposes a music whose present looks towards the future. Endowed with an original orchestration, its develops a rich and fluid music with a strong collective identity. Its writing, designed for a collective and individual creativity, entails, through the prism of an urban and nocturnal poetry, an organic evolution of its music. The duration of the pieces and their depth create a balance and a perspective which give significance as well to details as to a concert as a whole. The work, centered on time develops poly-rhythms and polyspeeds in a volcanic continuum. Rhythmic rebound, asymmetrical play, surprising theme and telluric rhythmics have become this quartet's hallmark.
This group, which has come of age, has developed connections during concerts or recordings with French, Belgian, Tunisian musicians… coming from contemporary jazz or classical music. 
In 2009, PRINT boasts 130 concerts in France and abroad (festivals, clubs, concert-halls).